Covid-19 Update (7/24/2020)

Check out this update to the events we've planned for this Summer of Neighboring.

Covid-19 Update (5/1/2020)

Covid-19 Update (3/17/2020)

The CDC just asked that all non-essential meetings of 50+ people be canceled for at least 8 weeks and the president just asked that no one gather in groups greater than 10 for the next two weeks. We also know that even smaller groups are being asked to take incredible caution in a variety of ways. We are in unequivocal support of following these guidelines, as well as the direction of local and state leaders. It is not a lack of faith to listen to our leaders and health experts and take precautions to save the lives of the most vulnerable among us.

It's a fluid situation that could change rapidly, but we can only reasonably expect that all church gatherings will be exclusively online for the next 8 weeks. We are doing everything we can to make the most of our situation and care for you holistically. We’re working on extra mid-week virtual hangouts, resources for those in need because of job loss, self-isolation, or quarantine, and options for richer digital worship gatherings on the weekends.

Our prayer is that by fully supporting the guidance from our government leaders to create social distance we can see this all pass quickly with as little harm as possible. It would be wonderful for this to all seem like a huge over reaction after the fact, but wisdom and love require that we do our part. Clinging to hope rather than fear we must commit to careful actions while also praying for God to supernaturally intervene.

Thrive church shifting its scheduled plans is not a problem. Our church is in as great of shape as ever, because the church is not a place, and it’s not a sermon or a band – the church is God’s family. The church is you. As long as we continue to love Jesus, love one another, and love our city, our church is flourishing. But this also means we need every member of the family to weigh in. We need to understand your situation and perspective. We need to know what you need, how’re you are feeling, and what you can offer.

Please fill out this form so we can make decisions and care for you with the best possible information. We love you. You aren’t alone. Jesus is still with us. Let’s be God’s family. Andrew 

Covid-19 Update (3/13/2020)

Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), among other pre-cautions, LAUSD has suspended all building rentals until further notice. We want to support local efforts to contain and slow the spread of the virus as best we can. As a result, we will not be hosting services at Mayberry Elementary this Sunday, but we will be doing something new: church at home!

This Sunday, we will be hosting Sunday services online at Please join us at 10 am! We've just launched Thrive's Unfulfilled series, and we're looking forward to this Sunday, as we explore what it looks like to treat others like God would treat them. As always, the recording will be available on our website at the Thrive Media page afterward.
As we consider current Coronavirus concerns, Thrive is dedicated to providing holistic care. As we discussed recently on a Sunday, we are spiritual/physical/emotional beings all at once, and the church is for you and for your good in every way.

In light of that, we want to communicate the following:

  • Thrive is a family! Let's make sure to check in and care for one another. It is inspiring to watch how the Thrive family loves and serves each other and our community. Let's walk forward with open hands to help the vulnerable and meet the challenges of those around us, while making sure to take care of ourselves as well. Please let us know how we can serve and help you! We are here for you.
  • Midweek Thrive Groups are still currently encouraged to meet, but check in with your Thrive Group leader for updates and stay up to date with the latest guidance from the California Department of Public Health.
  • Our community-wide Spring Festival has been postponed indefinitely. As things develop and the duration of necessary social distancing becomes clearer, we will develop plans for a way to love and serve our city in a meaningful way.

We will continue to keep you posted via email, social media, and through group and team leader communication.