Due to the social distancing measures in place surrounding the spread of COVID-19, our church does not have any official in-person meetings planned for the time being. In addition to Sunday worship, this includes all small groups, leader trainings, staff meetings, etc.

While physical social distance is incredibly important, it is also important that we support one another with friendship, prayer, and by meeting needs of people who are more negatively impacted by the situation.

Thrive Groups are encouraged can meet virtually using tools like Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc. Each group is making their own decisions, so reach out to your group leader with questions. Learn about specific groups here.

Right now, our Connections Director Katie Alesso is hosting daily casual hangouts at 2pm in our staff zoom meeting room for anyone cooped up who wants to connect with other members of the Thrive Family. Join by going to zoom.us/j/9284937635 or enter meeting id "9284937635" in the zoom app. You can download the app to your computer or mobile device here.

If you're interested in hosting similar hangouts for thrive, for neighbors, or whatever. We'd love to help facilitate that. Reach out to Pastor Jordan to discuss starting or joining a group at [email protected]