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In a Family

Find Your Place In God's Family

We’re building an inclusive family where people can belong no matter their story and find purpose in contributing to the common good. We want to see people of every background loving their city and empowering others to invest their talents. We do this all for Jesus.

You’re invited to come belong, contribute, and thrive with us in the family of God.

Thrive LA Church normally meets every Sunday at 10am at Mayberry Street Elementary in Silverlake.
During this season of social distancing, however, we meet online every Sunday: 10 am on the Church Online platform, and 12 pm on Facebook Live.

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10:00am on Church Online
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the book of james

Is this thing ON? Is it working? We’ve all thought that about our laptop speakers and our microwave…and if we’re honest, we’ve all wondered that about church and about our own personal faith! We don’t need a perfect faith, but also don’t need just any faith. We need a faith that works. In this letter from the brother of Jesus, we’ll explore eight aspects of a faith in Jesus that’s actually worth having.