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We’re building an inclusive family where people can belong no matter their story and find purpose in contributing to the common good. We want to see people of every background loving their city and empowering others to invest their talents. We do this all for Jesus.

You’re invited to come belong, contribute, and thrive with us in the family of God.

Thrive LA Church normally meets every Sunday at 10am at Mayberry Street Elementary in Silverlake.
During this season of social distancing, however, we meet online every Sunday: 10 am on the Church Online platform, and 12 pm on Facebook Live.

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Do you ever find yourself thinking these things?

“I want everyone to get along, but I feel like we need to talk about this stuff.”
“I don’t want church to be all about politics, but why do they speak about some things and stay quiet about others?”
“I just don’t see how any good person could disagree about some of these issues.”
“Sometimes I see both sides on an issue and I don’t get why people have to take such hard stances.”
“These days I mostly just see problems, and not a lot of solutions.”

Talking about our differences can be uncomfortable – especially when it comes to matters of race and politics.

Parts of the Bible seem conservative. Parts of the Bible seem liberal. Parts of the Bible seem something else entirely. Jesus frees us from putting our hope in a political party or system, but that doesn’t mean it’s right to just accept the status quo.

Join us for four weeks, and hear from guest speakers who will bring a variety of perspectives straight out of God’s word as we learn to dialogue with each other about race and politics with the heart of Jesus.