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We’re building an inclusive family where people can belong no matter their story and find purpose in contributing to the common good. We want to see people of every background loving their city and empowering others to invest their talents. We do this all for Jesus.

You’re invited to come belong, contribute, and thrive with us in the family of God.

Thrive LA Church meets every Sunday at 10am at Mayberry Street Elementary in Silverlake.

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a better way for relationships

Whether you’re at “When will I ever find the one?” “I found the one!” or “I think I picked the wrong one…” it’s tempting to believe that another human being can fulfill needs that only God was ever meant to fill.

In this 3 week series from 1 Corinthians 6-7, we’ll explore singleness, marriage, sexuality, and the relational health that can come from finding wholeness and fulfillment in Jesus alone.