Our Story

How it all started...

Pastors Andrew and Katie Alesso were at the Together LA Conference in February 2016 when they caught the vision to see a movement of new churches in urban Los Angeles that were committed to biblical gospel ministry that was diverse, full of mercy and justice, and appropriate to the specific neighborhoods in which they gathered.

A group of churches, led by Central Christian Church of Lancaster and the Stadia Church Planting Network, generously sent money and people to make this dream a reality. Thrive LA began meeting with bible studies and interest meetings at Reggie's Deli, The Lyric Hyperion Cafe, then the Echo Park Rec Center before launching Sunday services at Mayberry Street Elementary School in September 2017. Thrive now meets at 2234 W Temple Street.

Who We're BecomING

From the beginning, Thrive LA has been marked by a reckless hospitality. It's been the type of community where outsiders feel like insiders and strangers are treated like siblings. People from various religious and cultural identities have found a safe space to ask questions and make friends even amidst differences.

At the same time, community service has been part of the DNA. This has led to helping the local schools, collaborating with local musicians and artists, hosting free community festivals, bringing groceries to families in need, and so much more.

The life-changing love of Jesus has impacted the every day moments of life, causing marriages to be healed, destructive patterns of addiction to be overcome, marginalized and impoverished individuals to be given a voice, and for wonderful civic partnerships to be formed.

Moving toward sustainability and multiplication

The focus has always been on bringing Jesus to those who have never experienced his love, serving the needs of the city, and training leaders to do his work.

As a newer church, Thrive LA is still in the process of achieving full self-sustainability, relying in part on outside financial and human resources. Even while in the process of growing to maturity, Thrive has already begun sending out leaders and supporting other new churches across Los Angeles,

The dream is to see gospel-centered, mercy-loving, disciple-making, churches multiply across all of Urban Los Angeles.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10 am.