Mission & Vision

Thrive in God's family

The Mission

Thrive LA Church exists to empower others to thrive in God's family.

We’re building an inclusive family where people can belong no matter their story and find purpose in contributing to the common good. We want to see people of every background loving their city and empowering others to invest their talents. We do this all for Jesus.

We dream of a movement of spirit-led, dependent, followers of Jesus reproducing and starting more churches across urban Los Angeles.

Our Values

We thrive together by pursuing the following values:

Telling God’s Story – demonstrated by Bible teaching in gatherings, personal evangelism, and creatively sharing testimonies of God’s work

Living in God’s Presence – demonstrated by a daily lifestyle of dependence on God through bible reading, prayer, confession, and sensitivity to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Including Others in your Journey – demonstrated by a culture of authentic vulnerability, acceptance of outsiders, and bold invitations to follow Jesus together.

Loving the City – demonstrated by a corporate commitment to serving the good of the city as well as individuals leveraging their jobs, homes, recreation, and skills as sacred opportunities to glorify God by blessing others, especially the poor, the marginalized, and children

Empowering New Leaders – as demonstrated by intentional investment in the gifts and passions of others, creating opportunities to train our replacements in ministry, and celebrating gospel goodbyes as we send people out to do God’s work

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